PainBlocker Cryoanalgesia System
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PainBlocker Cryoanalgesia System

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The Wallach Painblocker: A Revolutionary Advance in Cryogenic Analgesia.

The PainBlocker is used for cryoneuroablation and provides long-term pain management in interventional pain settings. Through the use of the Joules-Thompson principle, the PainBlocker is able to achieve temperatures in the range of -70ºC. This in combination with the ability to rapidly defrost the selected nerves allows for the desired second degree of nerve damage, without destroying the endoneurium, perineurium and epineurium.


Because of Wallerian degeneration, the cellular elements, axons, and myelin sheath regenerate. The use of the PainBlocker carries a nearly nonexistent risk of post procedure neuritis or neuromas.


The PainBlocker has been used successfully in pain management for over 15 years. There are many published clinical applications ranging from the supraorbital to the plantar nerves.


Cryoneuroablation may be repeated to obtain the necessary level of pain reduction.

  • Coldest, safest freeze available
  • Probe freezes only at the tip
  • Available with 14, 16, 18 gauge probes
  • Teflon insulated probes: bevel or hemispherical
  • Standard probes available 6” long; selected probes available 3” long
  • Constant current nerve stimulation independent of tissue impedance
  • Integral audible beep timer
  • Automatic purging circuit defrosts probe when not freezing; enhances safety and ease of use
  • Footswitch operated
  • Self-contained portable unit
  • Available for use with either two “E” cylinders or one 20lb cylinder
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