Discount Cardiology carries just about every ECG Patient cable, lead set, trunk cable, holter ekg leadwires, ekg machine patient cables, patient monitor ecg cables, telemetry transmitter ecg leadwires, and stress system patient cables. Are you getting a flat line on 1 or more leads? Unfortunatley, you have to replace the leads or entire patient cable (it depends on the system). Our patient cables come with banana ends, snap ends or alligator clip ends. more>>

Discount Cardiology also sells the ekg clips that go on the banana end of the patient cable. We carry ecg patient cables from all the leading manufacturers such as: Bionet, Brentwood, Burdick, Cardiac Science, Cardioline, Cardiotech Edan, Fukuda Denshi, G.E. Healthcare, Marquette, Midmark, Mortara, Nasiff Associates, Nihon Kohden, Philips, QRS, Schiller,  and Welch Allyn. Are you having trouble locating which ekg patient cable goes on your machine? Contact Discount Cardiology for help and for the best pricing in the country. We currently have specials on the G.E. Mac 1200 ekg patient cable, Bionet 2000 ekg-ecg patient cable, Nihon Kohden ecg-ekg patient cables, Ge mac 5000 leadwires, Schiller AT-1 ekg-ecg patient cables, and Schiller AT-2 ecg-ekg patient cables. We will beat any price in the country!

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Part number Leads Brand Works With Price cart
10100-DM   3 Del Mar

Test Box

1348PS   3 Del Mar

2000 Series,2820

22008D   15 Del Mar

3020, 15 Lead

22026   12 Del Mar

3020, 12 Lead

26329-505   10 Del Mar

5400/A, Leadwires Only

27201   7 Del Mar


41500_C   5 Del Mar


415018   5 Del Mar


415018_C   5 Del Mar

DMS 419

41586   5 Del Mar

DMS 420

41586-PS   5 Del Mar


41786-PS   7 Del Mar DMS 423   $104.38
ARB-6000P   10 Del Mar

910,thru,980, Stress Cable, With Leads

ARB-6000R   10 Del Mar

910,thru,980, Resting Cable, With Leads

25843-105   10 Del Mar

5400/A, Stress Cable Only