PhysioControl Lifepack 9 Defibrillator
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PhysioControl Lifepack 9 Defibrillator

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LIFEPAK 9 defibrillator/monitor
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Innovative features include high and low energy select displays, annotating recorder that prints out time, date, leads, and gain, and Code Summary critical event record, which recaps critical events from the moment of "power on." This unit also features a Defibrillation Adapter used with auxiliary paddles for "hands-free" defibrillation. An optional Shock Advisory Adapter converts the LIFEPAK 9 defibrillator/monitor into an automatic external defibrillator for hospital codes.

Product Description

The Lifepak 9 from Physio-Control, a microporessor-based unit, is available in models: 9, 9P (pacing), and 9A. These units have a built-in recorder and sealed lead acid battery back-up. Lifepak 9s meet current ACLS standards and allows for 17 energy selections, HR alarms, 5-lead monitoring, recorder and CODE SUMMARY critical event record.

The Lifepak 9 is defibrillator/monitor, cardioscope and non-invasive pacemaker. It provides 17 energy selections, heart rate alarms, three-lead ECG monitoring, recorder and Code Summary™ critical event recorder.

The microprocessor-based Lifepak 9 includes an internal battery supply and is available with optional pediatric paddles, internal paddles, pacing cable and pads, and ECG patient cable and leads.

Isolated ECG via Quick-Look defibrillator paddles, Fast-Patch disposable defibrillation/ECG electrodes or three-lead patient cable.

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