QRS Biolog 3000 Portable ECG / EKG Machine

QRS Biolog 3000 Portable ECG / EKG Machine

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The Single Channel, QRS Biolog 3000 ECG EKG Machine is Upgradeable to 6 or 12 Channels

Biolog 3000i
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The QRS Biolog 3000 is a complete electrocardiography package that is mobile, compact and simple to use. Ideal for emergency situations, the Biolog system is just as practical for routine on-the-spot checks or 12-lead ECGs.

The QRS Biolog 3000 can download its ECGs to QRS' CardioView software which is Windows based and collects single and 12 lead ECGs for reviewing, printing, analysis and storage. Additionally, CardioView offers 12-lead interpretation capabilities.

Alternatively, your ECGs can be printed out on plain paper via the QRS infrared printer interface and a Canon or HP printer.

Loaded with features the Biolog incorporates:

  • $875 is for single channel, non interpretive base model only.  Choose either the 6 channel non interpretive OR 12 channel interpretive upgrade for increased diagnostic capabilities.
  • Single lead ECG acquisition.
  • Diagnostic quality 6 and 12 channel simultaneous ECG acquisition.
  • High definition LCD screen, readable in bright light and with a backlight for low light conditions.
  • Heart rate monitoring (20 to 250 BPM) and display Automatic device identification facility for management of recordings.
  • Battery status bar on screen.
  • Infrared linked companion printer interface with 25 and 50 mm/sec. print speeds.
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