QRS Q200/HE Holter Recorder 5 Lead Kit

QRS Q200/HE Holter Recorder 5 Lead Kit

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The QRS Q200/HE Holter system is the industry’s first combination 14-day Holter plus 30-day Event monitor. The Q200/HE interfaces with Holter LX Analysis to capture elusive cardiac events, deliver fast and accurate analysis and provide customizable reports.

QRS Q200 Holter system brochure

QRS Q200 Holter System Specifications
Download Document of QRS Q200/HE Holter Recorder 5 Lead Kit.
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QRS Q200/HE Holter Recorder with LX Holter Analysis



The Q200/HE digital recorder can be used as either a Holter monitor or looping Event recorder and is designed to facilitate ambulatory cardiac monitoring. Monitoring patients with the Q200/HE assists in diagnosing, treating and observing those complaining of palpitations, syncope, chest pains, shortness of breath or those who need to be monitored to judge their current cardiac functions or reactions to treatment.

Data obtained with the Q200/HE digital recorder is analyzed by the Holter LX Analysis Software. LX Analysis allows for full review of all the ECG data recorded during the Holter test, including all normal, ventricular, supraventricular, paced beats and more.

Language options include: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish.




Combination Recorder – Deployable as a 14-day Holter recorder or 30-day Event monitor. 


Ergonomic Design – Large, easy view LCD screen, soft-keys and a very simple user interface make the unit exceptionally easy to use. 


Low Cost, Shielded Cables – The QRS patient cables provide better signal integrity and noise immunity while the low cost drives down the total cost of ownership. 


Accurate and Reliable – Patient data is encoded on a memory card so no information confusion will occur. Reliable digital technology is used throughout recording to enhance service life and lower costs. 


Maximize Reimbursements – The Q200/HE allows for “capturing” reimbursement of current procedural terminology allowed for Holter and Event. At the same time, removable digital storage allows for rapid re-deployment of the unit to another patient.




The Q200/HE kit includes:

  •  Q200/HE Recorder
  •  5-Lead Patient Cable
  •  Q200/HE Operator’s Manual
  •  Hook-Up Guides
  •  Monitor Pouch & Belt Clip
  •  Removable Media Memory Card


Also included with the Q200/HE is a three-year warranty.  




Recording duration 14 days with alkaline battery
Recording bandwidth 0.05 – 70 Hz
Resolution 12-bit, 12.50 µV/LSB
Sampling Rate 180 samples/second
Options Language Versions Available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese & Turkish
Dimensions 8.6 x 6.0 x 2.0 cm
Weight 99.3 grams, including battery
(70.9 grams without)
Power 1 AA battery; alkaline, NIMH rechargeable or lithium
Storage Capacity

Store 24 hours of data in normal mode: 28 MB (minimum capacity)
Store 24 hours of data in high resolution mode: 56 MB (minimum capacity)
Data is stored on an SD Flashcard.

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 10-45ºC
Humidity: 10-95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 700-1060 hPa

Storage Conditions

Temperature: -40-70ºC
Humidity: 10-100%
Atmospheric Pressure: 500-1060 hPa




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