Quinton 4500 stress test machines (refurbished)

Quinton 4500 stress test machines (refurbished)

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The Quinton Q4500 stress system is one of the most popular pre-owned systems. Call Discount Cardilology now for the lowest prices in the Country! 800-507-8244

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Freeze half of the screen while the other half displays live ECG data.

Up to 7 user-definable treadmill and 3 user-definable ergometer protocols, each with a resting stage and up to 99 exercise stages.

High-resolution thermal chart recorder produces quality reports ready for signature.

Oversize soft-touch exercise device controls permit dedicated treadmill or bicycle ergometer operation.

Paper tray neatly stacks chart paper as it is printed during the test. Menu, entry, and control functions are easily accessible on the removable PC-compatible keyboard.

Quinton Q4500 Stress Test Machine

Quinton stress test systems utilize an acclaimed algorithm tested by thousands worldwide. This algorithm is trusted for its dependability and precision in serious clinical situations; and is just one of the many reasons why Quinton is dominant is the stress testing equipment business.

Discount Cardiology offers the Q4500 exercise stress system:

The Quinton Q4500 offers more flexibility in determining the aesthetics of the display during the stress test. Select from eight different audio and/or visual alarms and pre-set them based on your patient's particular threshold levels.

The header displays as heart rate pie graph.. Touch a key to display one of nine other graphs on screen, including worst-case ST graphics, ST trends, and more. The Q4500 will continue to display all three leads.

Present resting and/or current averages alongside live ECG signals--even show them on the right or left side of the screen (the ECG waveforms shift to accommodate your preference).

Filters for Cleaner Traces

The Quinton Q4500 uses digital filters that substantially reduce muscle artifact and baseline wander on live ECG tracings.

The muscle filter minimizes the artifact seen, with nearly no change to the ECG signal. Ultimately, this powerful digital filter adjusts its strength to reduce as much artifact as necessary, while avoiding over-filtering which can also cause signal distortion.

The Quinton Q4500 also has a Filter with a strong linear phase response to stifle baseline wander. All while safeguarding the fidelity of the ECG signal and providing accurate ST measurements.  The net result is clear signals and traces.

Customize In-Test Reports

The Q4500 allows the operator to design their in-test reports in a variety of fashions. Include and arrange any combination of data within two different report headers. Move the header to the top of bottom of the page then view the options.

12-lead reports with or without a rhythm strip. A 6x2 or 3x4 column size. Format with or without current resting and worst case averages. Place the averages to the left of right of the ECG waveforms.

The Q4500 permits easily customizable reports in an almost unlimited number of combinations. This means more freedom to design reports in any preferred way.

Pre-Edit During Patient Recovery

With the Q4500 you can preview the final report and enter the information while the patient is still in the recovery phase. This means data can be entered immediately rather than waiting until the end of the recovery to finalize report information.

Customize Final Reports. Like most systems, the Q4500 allows for a summary page, interpretation, tabular report, graph page, average beat and worst case summary for final reports. However, the Quinton Q4500 can also create personal formats. Select from 30 data templates and arrange them anywhere within the summary and interpretation headers.

There are up to nine different graph types including a full ST/HR slope Graph, HR x BP. Systolic and diastolic BP, and more. Choose from variety of average beat reports with different leads and channels.

Most exciting of all is the name store function. Store and review up to three final report formats internally and store an almost unlimited number of diskettes. Use them multiple times and make variations at any time.

Quinton Q4500 ECG / EKG Paper

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