Quinton Q-Tel Cardiac Rehab Telemetry

Quinton Q-Tel Cardiac Rehab Telemetry

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The Quinton Q-Tel Cardiac Rehabilitation Management System simplifies workflow to allow clinicians to spend more time with patients working on their cardiac rehab programs and less time producing documentation and reports. The system's wireless Pocket Assistant allows you to control session parameters from the floor, and Windows-based software provides familiar icons and an intuitive interface. Forms and reports in the Microsoft Excel file format are easily customizable to suit your program's requirements.

The Q-Tel system can link easily to your PACS/HIS/EMR system using industry standard HL7, DICOM, XML, or PDF protocols so you can download patient demographic information and upload session data. The Q-Tel RMS also offers seamless integration with the Orion Outcomes Data Management System. And you can add the Quinton Q-Exchange option for bi-directional communication with your medical informatics system.


Ease of Use. The Windows-based interface uses familiar drag-and-drop functions, consistent pull-down menus, auto-populating and auto-indexing data fields.

Connectivity. The system links easily to hospital information systems so you can download patient demographic information and upload session data.

Accuracy. The Quinton Q-TEL RMS captures and displays ECG signals with diagnostic accuracy.

Clarity. Simple left-to-right icons match the typical workflow for most cardiac rehab programs, and each program module is accessible with just one click.

Reporting. The Q-Tel RMS 3.1 provides all the reports you need, including Patient Intake Assessment, Patient Care Plan, a Customizable Patient Query Report, and Customized Patient Outcomes Graphs.

Integration. The system integrates seamlessly with the Orion Outcomes Data Management system, the standard for outcome reporting for cardiac rehabilitation.

Reliability. The Q-Tel RMS 3.1 is tested to the highest standards; many of our older systems still going strong after more than 10 years of reliable service. Support. We provide excellent support and service including a 13-month on-site warranty, 2 days of in-service training, free phone tech support, remote support, and competitively priced service contracts.

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