RESPIREX EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer (Demo)

RESPIREX EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer (Demo)

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Demo NRESPIREX EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer  with base!

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RESPIREX EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer 

The RESPIREX EasyOne Plus is a diagnostic spirometer that can perform a full range of tests (FVC, FVL, MVV). The RESPIREX  EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer is a fantastic unit at a fantastic price.


Discount Cardiology recommends the easy-to-use RESPIREX  EasyOne spirometer. It uses patented digital ultrasonic flow measurement technology for fast, accurate and reliable operation. The RESPIREX  EasyOne is designed for a wide range of testing in primary care, specialty physician, industrial and hospital settings. The RESPIREX  EasyOne offers automated comparison to predicted values, pre and post bronchodilator comparisons, and test quality control that automatically assesses quality control that automatically assesses patient effort and displays easy to understand messages that aid in patient coaching. The graphic display shows curves, and the optional color printout is easy to read and interpret. The single-patient-use breathing tube minimizes risk of cross-infection. Discount Cardiology likes the RESPIREX  Easy One spirometer because it is compact, stores up to 700 patient records, and is battery powered for true hand-held portability.

The RESPIREX  EasyOne Spirometer incorporates an ultrasonic flow sensor to measure the flow of air in and out of the patients lungs.

Ultrasonic flow measurement eliminates problems associated with traditional methods of flow measurement and helps make the RESPIREX EasyOne spirometer extraordinarily fast, reliable, accurate, and mistake proof. There are no moving parts, no codes to enter, no screens to catch sputum, and no disposables to calibrate. Ultrasonic flow measurement is independent of gas composition, pressure, temperature, and humidity; and disqualifies mistakes due to these variables.

Transistors located on the mouthpiece cavity transmit and accept sound in alternating directions. When gas flow is existent in the tube, a pulsation that moves against the flow is slowed down and takes a longer time to reach the opposite transducer. Conversely, a pulse traveling with the flow (traveling downstream) is sped up and takes a shorter time to reach the opposite transducer.

The sound waves travel time is precisely measured with a digital clock. The gas flow through the mouthpiece is then calculated from flow times. This calculation is independent of gas composition, pressure, temperature, and humidity; and eliminates errors due to these variables.

The disposable mouthpiece acts only as a hygienic barier and does not affect the flow of air or the reading by the transducers. Since the one time use spirette has no reading capabilities, it does not perform a measurement function and does not require calibration.

TrueFlow, developed by ndd, is the new revolutionary way of directly measuring flow of inhaled and exhaled breath without the need for a mechanical sensor.

EasyOne Screen Connector Kit (Optional)

  • for connection of the EasyOne Screen to a PC
  • direct real time FV and FT curve
  • reject / accept feature
  • children incentive screen


  • Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
  • Single patient use spirette
  • Alpha Numeric Keypad/Graphic Display
  • Graphic Curve Display
  • Meets ATS 1994 diagnostic standards
  • Meets NIOSH/OSHA and SSD guidelines
  • Customizable Configuration
  • Automated Coaching Messages and QC
  • Automated Interpretation
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Stores up to 700 test sessions
  • Optional 8.5x11 or A4 printout
  • PC Data Transfer
  • Toll free Technical Support
  • 1 Year Exchange Warranty

About this unit


The RESPIREX  EasyOne Plus does not need to be calibrated. The use of a precision clock to measure flow time of ultrasonic pulses eliminates the need for calibration. Also, the placement of the transducer around the flow tube allows the measurements to remain independent of the flow. If you require a calibration syringe, we do sell the NDD 2030-2 3-liter calibration syringe. We do recommend having the spirometer checked on a regular basis to verify accuracy. The beauty of the RESPIREX  Spirometers is that they do not require a filter. Filters reduce the likelihood of cross contamination. However, since the flow is measured in a completely open tube, there is no risk of cross contamination once the spirette is changed. Most pft machines have a flow sensor that is exposed to exhaled breath and thus requires the filter. Since the RESPIREX  measurements are so precise, the use of this spirometer on children is recommended. The flow resolution is under 10 ml/s! We owe this feat to the extremely low resistance that the spirette has. The spirette is ergonomical and would fit any human over the age of 5 years. For your convenience a few different predicted normal values may be chosen in the setup function. The RESPIREX  EasyOne Spirometer comes with a large internal memory. The unit auto-stores over 700 test sessions. This includes the patient's information, test results, and curves. A user may refer back to the memory at any time for viewing or to export via pc connectivity. If you do not want to export the reports, you may choose from a list of compatible printers. RESPIREX  did not integrate a printer because these lost cost thermal printers are likely to fade and they are hard to file. The RESPIREX  unit does not come with rechargable batteries. The power usage is so small that AA batteries suffice perfectly.  The EasyOne will keep your costs down. It does not need calibration, you will not need a calibration syringe, filters are a thing of the past, contamination is not a concern, and with a 3 year warranty you will have no maintenance. If you so wish, you may use a 22mm joint flange mask with the spirometer. Although it is not common, the spirometer does accomodate people who wish to use laedal masks with the spirette.



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