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Thanks to 35 years of experience and close co-operation with the world’s leading, practising cardiologists and phy- sicians in the field of electrocardiography, SCHILLER’s CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus is the most recent in a long series of innovative ECG systems.

The new CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus offers several advantages:

Simplified workflows: the device can be connected to the SCHILLER Information System SEMA or the HIS.

Expandable: the CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus can be expand- ed to become a pulmonary function test device at anytime.

Reliable diagnoses due to high-performance and proven technology. The CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus increases the    diagnostic reliability thanks to the internationally re- nowned, clinically validated and proven SCHILLER Inter- pretation Program.

 Resting ECG

SAECG (high-resolution, signal averaged ECG)

 HRV (heart rate variability)

Thrombolysis software

Pacemaker measurement

Pulmonary function measurements

Rhythm recording 


The CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus is the ideal ECG system for practice and clinic!





Feedback by users from all over the world has been incorporated in the new CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus. The system is now controlled with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

The lithium-polymer rechargeable battery provides three hours of battery operation or the processing of 250 standard patient reports. Thanks to the short battery charging time, the system is available again within a very short time.

The user­friendly keyboard simplifies and acceler- ates the operation of the system due to the new keyboard design and direct function keys. The key- board is specifically designed for clinical use and can easily be cleaned (disinfected).

Easily readable – the high-resolution 8.4" TFT colour screen (800 x 600 dpi) offers a clear presentation of all 12 ECG traces from every angle.




Reliable diagnoses due to high-performance and proven technology. The CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus increases the diagnostic reliability thanks to the internationally renowned and proven SCHILLER Interpretation Program.

The SCHILLER Interpretation Program (optional) offers you a comprehensive, computer-based analysis to quickly and reliably evaluate adult and children ECGs.

The thrombolysis software (optional), which is integrated in the SCHILLER Interpretation Program, increases the diagnostic accuracy by assessing the risk of cardiac ischaemia; moreover, it takes into consideration gender-specific criteria to support physicians in detecting cardiac anomalies in women.

The HRV analysis (optional) allows you to detect hidden HRV patterns and to measure cardiac RR intervals.

The SAECG (optional) supports the efficient evaluation of ventricular arrhythmias by means of the intuitive presentation, offering you an alternative to the invasive procedures in use today.

The optional WLAN function enables bi-directional communication with the SEMA Cardiology Information System via the optional SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM). You can quickly and easily view, edit and archive patient data, reducing the risk of data entry errors.

USB interfaces increase your flexibility and enable the connection of barcode readers, which helps reducing the risk of data entry errors and accelerates and automates your workflow.

The internal memory allows you to store up to 350 ECG recordings.

The worklist gives you direct access via SEMA to the patient master data in the Hospital Information System. Therefore, the time-consuming entry of patient data is accelerated and delays in invoicing are minimised.



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