SDI Diagnostics AstraTouch Spirometer
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SDI Diagnostics AstraTouch Spirometer

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The AstraTouch Desktop Spirometer provides easy navigation when performing comprehensive spirometry testing. Its multifunctional capabilities provide a means of making a diagnostic decision from the screen data, from its resident printer or off-line report writers. PC links via USB or optional Bluetooth make easy work of storing data archivally, transferring tests to EMR or performing real- time direct testing.

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The AstraTouch Spirometer was designed to be easy to use while providing accurate and precise testing data. The simplicity of operation and wealth of configurability options expand the scope of spirometry testing like never before. Review and enter data, make a diagnosis, print a report or download to EMR quickly and with minimal effort.

AstraTouch™ Features

AstraTouch Couples Sophisticated Simplicity
With Comprehensive Spirometry.

  • Test patients in your office or lab, with a  
    wide array of testing configurations
  • Observe test results in real time
  • Download test results to the patient's record
  • Perform interactive real-time testing on your PC
  • Save results or print hard copies of selected data
Easy Navigation
The bright, sharp RealColor display offers easy visualization of graphics and tabular data as the test is being performed. Fingertip touches of the descriptive icons make navigation from screen-to-screen and functionto-function quick and easy, saving time and simplifying the test visit.

AstraPro software expands AstraTOUCH versatility

Sophisticated communication links allow patient test data transfer from the spirometer to the PC archive or output to EHR/EMR. Choose either Pre- and Post-bronchodilator and bronchial challenge testing or use the incentive program with your pediatric patients or adults. AstraTOUCH communicates with your PC directly via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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