Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Ergospiro

Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Ergospiro

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CAEDIOVIT CS-200 ergospirometry
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CARDIOVIT CS-200 Ergospiro
SCHILLER combines its proven CARDIOVIT CS-200 with world leading cardiopulmonary function diagnostic technology.
The CS-200 ergospirometry platform enables accurate and reliable cardiopulmonary diagnosis in the case of cardiac failure, for the evaluation of surgical interventions or ventilatory impairment. Volume sensor: accurate and extremely light •  The flow sensor is the centrepiece of an ergospirometry system. Thanks to the integrated variable orifice flow sensor technology, the CS-200 ergospirometry system offers accurate respiration measurements that are not affected by vapour, saliva or vibrations. The flow sensor is therefore drift-free and humidity-insensitive. •  Moreover, the flow sensor can be used for all purposes – it is suitable for measurements with children as well as seriously ill patients or highperformance athletes. •  Thanks to its special construction, the sensor is extremely light (29 g) and has a minimal resistance. The sensor can be used with a mask or mouthpiece; your patient or athlete will find both very comfortable. •  The flow sensor is validated according to ERS/ ATS criteria.

Low follow-up costs and maximum profitability The CS-200 ergospirometry platform is a paramount example for economic efficiency. •  The CS-200 ergospirometry system can be installed as an upgrade of your existing CS-200 system; it is therefore an inexpensive solution to additionally use cardiopulmonary diagnostics. •  The gas sensors are maintenancefree. Moreover, thanks to the low gas consumption during automatic calibration, the gas bottle needs to be replaced much less frequently.•  The flow sensor is easy to clean and does not require drying time, therefore allowing for high patient throughput. The main focus in on the patient – not on the computer •  Overview of 9-panel diagram according to Wasserman – even online during the measurement •  High-resolution full-screen presentation of the individual Wasserman diagrams to accurately determine the anaerobic threshold•  Large-scale diagrams for the monitoring of selectable parameters, including alarm function •  Automatic determination of the anaerobic threshold via preset method (V slope, CO2 excess, EQO2 minimum, RQ=1) or manually Simple operation, easy to learn •  Even the best system is only as good as its operator. Therefore, the operation must be as simple as possible so that you are in control of the system and not the other way around. •  Simply concentrate on the patient during the measurement, the program will do the rest. The ergospirometry measurement is controlled with only one button – it really couldn’t be any easier. •  The same accounts for the volume and gas analysis calibration. The gas analysis calibration is performed fully automatically and the volume calibration is done by means of a calibration pump.

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