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Siemens Healthcare is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment throughout the entire product life cycle and beyond. We understand that investments in healthcare technology today will have profound effects on both your patients and your business for years to come. Our goal is to enable you to take technology further, profitability higher, and patient care to the next level.

The Siemens ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system is Siemens' premier general imaging and shared service system which delivers comprehensive information so you can make a differential diagnosis, even in the most challenging cases.

Echo made easy. Results you can trust.

Defining tomorrow’s standards, the ACUSON SC2000™ ultrasound system pioneers innovative technologies to deliver superior image quality and workflow solutions with quantifiable results.

The ACUSON X300™ ultrasound system, premium edition (PE) is a compact, portable imaging solution that delivers exceptional clinical performance across a wide variety of applications. This comprehensive, fully featured system incorporates high-end image optimization techniques and enhanced workflow features to meet the challenges of the most demanding care environments.

ACUSON P300 Ultrasound System

A complete, portable patient care solution

The ACUSON P300™ ultrasound system is designed for high performance, mobility, and ease of use. The system enables clinicians to provide patient care in a wide range of clinical environments, across multiple clinical disciplines.

ACUSON P10™ ultrasound system

Revolutionize the way you work.

The ACUSON P10™ ultrasound system is the first pocket ultrasound device–a handheld diagnostic and screening tool designed for physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinical professionals.

Carry the ACUSON P10 system with you to make earlier, faster and more accurate decisions at the point of care. Use it anywhere, anytime — during regular office exams, on rounds and in trauma settings. And apply it to an array of applications — from cardiology and OB/GYN to emergency medicine and more. It’s the ultimate power tool and it will fundamentally enhance how you care for your patients. Now that’s revolutionary!


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