Spacelabs 90369 Patient Monitor

Spacelabs 90369 Patient Monitor

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Spacelabs 90369 Patient Monitor


  1. ·          Touchscreen with the exception of power (ON/OFF), all controls are on-screen touchkeys; touch is sensed by infrared optical devices; optional controls include mouse and keyboard
  2. ·          Waveform capacity four, five, or six waveforms
  3. ·          Module capacity Spacelabs 90369 accepts one Ultraview or PCMS module internally and will support up to two additional modules using the 90499 module housing
  4. ·          Parameter capacity 18 parameters utilizing Ultraview and PCMS modules as well as Flexport interfaces
  5. ·          Trends 24 hours of trend data can be displayed
  6. ·          Graphic 1-, 2-, 6-,12- or 24-hour segments; data is stored in 1-minute resolutions (6-hour segment is the default)
  7. ·          Tabular Time increments of 1, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes; 1, 1.5 or 3 hours (1 hour is the default)
  8. ·        Remote View/Alarm Watch when equipped with the Ethernet option, the 1050 provides a waveform display from a remote bedside or telemetry patient on the Ultraview network either on request (Remote View) and/or in response to an alarm (Alarm Watch); the 1050 provides a waveform display from up to 32 selected beds; an Ultraview bedside monitor can be remotely viewed by up to 16 network devices simultaneously (e.g., monitors, workstations
  9. Large, 10.4-inch (26.42 cm), TFT color display with 140° viewing angle
  10. Data Shuttle option allows up to 24 hours of patient data to be transferred to other Ultraview Care Network and PCMS monitors
  11. Advanced power management system maximizes battery performance during transport; includes battery “fuel-gauge”
  12. Optional interactive bed-to-bed Ethernet communication
  13. Instant “Quicknet” 10BaseT Ethernet connection
  14. Optional wireless Ethernet with one to five outbound waveforms and numeric vital signs transmitted at 2.4 GHz
  15. Optional built-in 2-channel recorder
  16. Optional mainstream EtCO2, O2, and Min CO2
  17. Support for up to 250 nodes on a network with the Expanded Network feature.
  • Lightweight, compact, highly portable
  • Shares same touchscreen controls as other Ultraview Care Network and PCMS monitors of appropriate levels
  • Compatible with the full line of Ultraview Care Network and PCMS modules


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