Spacelabs Ultraview SL2600

Spacelabs Ultraview SL2600

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Spacelabs offers a broad portfolio of innovative patient monitoring and information systems to support decision-making and help improve patient care. Our modular and configured patient monitors and telemetry systems assure immediate access to comprehensive patient data when and where needed.

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The SL2600 provides all of the features of the SL2400 plus:

  • DNA, which brings multiple sources of information right to the bedside
  • Larger display, with more waveform zones

The SL2600 offers you advanced monitoring in a compact monitor. The powerful DNA option delivers charting, lab, Internet, intranet and Hospital Information System (HIS) applications right to the bedside.

Your patient’s vital signs are reliably monitored and easily viewed on its 12.1” touchscreen display, with room for additional waveforms. The SL2600 is a good choice for the operating room, emergency department, or critical care area. Its integrated handle and wireless networking option make it suitable for patient transport as well. Standard features include an integrated alarm light, remote keypad support, and interactive networking.

You can configure the SL2600 for a specific patient by your choice of parameters from our library of modules. With the Integrated Module Housing, you can add two additional modules.

As with all SL monitors, the SL2600 offers you information management solutions such as Data Shuttle and barcode scanner support for fast, error-free identification and transfer of patient information via HL7 interfaces to Clinical Information Systems (CIS) applications.

A range of surveillance features and alarm options helps to assure optimum patient safety while maximizing caregivers’ efficiency. These include Remote View/Alarm Watch, Alarm Limit Review (available with specific modules), and the ICS Clinical Event Interface which sends alarms and waveforms instantaneously to personal communication devices to speed response.

With special features such as Full Bed Review you can remotely view, control, review, and record patient data for any other networked or telemetry bed without leaving your patient’s side. Flexport interfaces link patient data from standalone devices, consolidating waveforms, data and alarms within the monitor. Information is then integrated directly into the monitor trends for output to HIS and CIS applications.

Special monitors for special patients

You can get the SL2400, SL2600, and SL2800 monitors with distinctive design and colors created especially for neonatal and pediatric environments.

Our neonatal monitors offer you enhanced surveillance with their Varitrend 4 feature, which automatically trends and documents critical physiological events. You can specify which events to include based on your unit’s care protocol or create your own definitions for the utmost in individualized patient care.

Because your patients are particularly vulnerable, these monitors feature sophisticated alarms and extensive alarm management options. For example, they have a unique screen saver feature that allows you to control the information the family can see.

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