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SpirOxCard PC Card Spirometer/Pulse Oximeter. (Computer Not Included)

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The SpirOxCard® is a type II PCMCIA card for your computer that will allow you to not only perform spirometry tests, but will also do pulse oximetry.

The SpiroOxCard is a full-fledged spirometer capable of pre and post bronchodilator Studies and measurements of FVC, MVV and SVC tests. And using our patented cost effective disposable pneumotach system, clean up is a snap. Just use the mouthpiece and toss it, no costly cleanup, and no hassles.

These features alone have proven to be very popular with our customers as our SpiroCard® system has confirmed. Now add pulse oximetry in the same device. Just plug the data cable into the card and attach the finger clip to your patient And you're ready to both spot check and record a patient's pulse and %SpO2. You now have a powerful adjunct to your spirometry testing data, pulse oximetry data!


  • SpirOxCard PC Card Spirometer/Pulse Oximeter
  • Windows CE HPC/PPC “Pocket Medic” Software
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP “Office Medic” Software
  • FVC, Flow Volume Loop, Pre/Post Testing, MVV, SVC and Narrative Interpretation
  • Real-Time Display of SPO2% and Spot Check or Continuous Recording
  • One Reusable Adult Fingertip Sensor
  • 2 Disposable Mouthpieces (Reorder # Z-5000-2608)
  • 2 Pressure Tubes
  • Warranty Registration Card: 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
    (90-Day Limited Warranty on Oximeter Sensor)
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