Tango Exercise Stress Blood Pressure Monitor

Tango Exercise Stress Blood Pressure Monitor

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Motion-Tolerant BP Monitor for Stress Testing
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Tango Exercise Stress BP Monitor

The Tango exercise BP monitor is designed to automatically measure and display your patient's systolic and diastolic BP along with heart rate. It's a Blood Pressure monitor designed specifically for use in treadmill, ergometer and pharmacological stress test environments. Tango is also ideal for use in research environments.

Tango excels where other BP monitors have failed by making use of SunTech's proprietary Dimensional K-Sound Analysis (DKA). DKA was developed as a result of SunTech's pioneering work in 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. It's this experience which provides SunTech's research and development team with invaluable insight into the relationship between the host of variables involved in determining blood pressure on a patient in motion. These variables include, but are not limited to, the patients ECG, K-sounds, overall body shape, foot strike characteristics, arm movements, and age, along with treadmill and ergometer noise.

With Tango's "hands free" interface, BP readings can be initiated automatically by your stress ECG system*. Upon completion of taking the BP reading, the monitor automatically reports its results back to your stress ECG system for immediate display and printout. SunTech's Tango gives you the freedom to concentrate on your patient's performance instead of taking manual BP readings.

*Available for many current Burdick, Cambridge Heart, Cardio Control, Esaote, Marquette, Schiller, Quinton, and Welch Allyn stress ECG systems.

Feachers :

  • 3D K-Sound Analysis(DKA) Korotkoff sounds are distinguished from artifact noise so that systolic and diastolic pressures may be measured accurately.
  • RS232 Interface capability to most ECG systems ECG stress system initiates BP readings and automatically records BP data on ECG strip chart
  • RealTime Wave Form Display Visually confirm the BP readings and signal quality at any time.
  • Tango User RealTime Display Displays current monitor status and help messages.
  • Historical Tabular Data Stores multiple readings for data retrieval.
  • BP Readings initiated automatically or manually Allow you to concentrate on the patient's performance during the study.

Options :

  • Internal ECG
  • Rail/Pole clamp
  • Languages
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