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Something about Cardiac Rehab Telemetry systems. Telemetry monitoring is the monitoring and analyzing of data that are received at a distance from their source. It usually refers to a certain way of monitoring a hospital patient's heart activity, but it is also the way in which information is received from spaceships and orbiting satellites, among other things. In the context of cardiac monitoring, it serves the same purpose as an ordinary heart monitor, with the difference being that the patient is fitted with a transmitter which sends the data to the area of the hospital where the telemetry monitoring occurs.

One of the main advantages of Cardiac Rehab telemetry monitoring, as it is used in hospitals, is that it allows the patient to get up and move around, at least within the device's transmitting range. In many cases, this is highly preferable to having a patient confined to a bed so that his heart's activity can be observed. Cardiac Rehab Telemetry monitoring continues to be an important part of healthcare and Discount Cardiology is here to help you. 800-507-8244

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