Trackmaster TMX-428CP Stress Treadmill

Trackmaster TMX-428CP Stress Treadmill

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The Trackmaster 428 is the replacement to the most popular treadmill on the market -- the Trackmaster 425! New and improved, it will remain compatible with almost every stress controller on the market and has added increased connectivity with  USB and RS232.

The TMX428CP is the controller version of the MMX428. It combines manual and programmable features into one attractive and easy to use controller

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TMX428 Spec Comparison with TMX425 Brochure
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TMX428CP Operation in Manual Mode:

Displays incline, speed, time, distance, total calories, calories per minute, pace, heart rate, target heart rate, and METS. Energy is calculated based on gender and user weight. Target heart rate is calculated based on user’s gender and age.

  • Large LCD display
    • Speed (0.1 MPH to 15.0 MPH with speed increment of 0.1 MPH)) (0.2 KPH to 24.0 KPH with speed increment of 0.1 KPH)
    • Pace (minutes/mile or km)
    • Distance
    • METS, calories/minutes, total calories
    • Elevation (.5% increment to 25% standard)
    • Body Weight (user input)
    • Elapsed time
  • Two built-in accessory holders
  • Dual stop buttons
  • Pull Tether (standard)
  • Calories/METS base on gender and user weight
  • Cool down command

TMX428CP Operation in Programmable Mode:

Fitness Workouts and Custom Workouts have the same readouts as the manual operation. The Pre-Programmed Protocol workouts display time, stage countdown, incline, heart rate, target heart rate, and speed. In addition five pre-programmed protocols, five fitness workouts, and five custom workouts with up to 10 programable stages.

  • Pre-Programmed Protocols
    • Bruce Protocol (Stage countdown)
    • Gerkin Protocol (Stage countdown and routine scoring)
    • Naughton Protocol (Stage countdown)
    • Balke “Male” Protocol (Stage countdown)
    • Balke “Female” Protocol (Stage countdown)
  • Fitness Workouts
    • Interval Workout
    • Speed Interval Workout
    • High Intensity Speed Interval Workout
    • Peek Interval Workout
    • High Intensity Peek Interval Workout
  • Custom Workouts
    • Five user defined programs (Up to 10 stages in each workout)
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