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The Vascular Doppler ultrasound test takes real time video that displays how the patient’s  blood is flowing through the arteries. This makes it easier to detect narrowing of the arteries, blockages, and blood clots. It also helps with monitoring the progression of arterial disease in a patient.more>>

A Vascular Doppler is a special application of an ultrasound. It is used specifically for studying veins and arteries by measuring the speed of blood cells as they move through the veins.

The arterial Doppler test uses the same method as the vascular Doppler except that it is designed specifically for testing outer extremities such as arms and legs.

An  Arterial Doppler test is used to evaluate the blood flow to and through the upper extremities (arms), and the lower extremities (legs). It records the patient’s blood pressure of the arteries in the arms or legs along with taking ultrasound images.

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