Vermed A10032-5 Solid Gel Tape Electrode

Vermed A10032-5 Solid Gel Tape Electrode

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Vermed A10032-5 Solid Gel Tape Electrode at the lowest price. Please call for specials.
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One Electrode for Adult Cardiac Monitoring & Diagnostic Procedures

  • Best adult general purpose house electrodes
  • Slap & stick – easy placement and no cleanup
  • Silver/silver chloride sensor with mid-level chloride content, providing accurate,clear traces during short or long-term procedures
  • Optimal 1-7/8” diameter size Breathable, easy-to-peel –off –tape or occlusive foam for patient comfort
  • Radio translucent electrodes (carbon snap) for use in MRI lab, Cath lab, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Thallium Testing
  • 5 in a strip
  • 5 in a pouch
  • 100 in a box
  • sold as 600 in a case
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