Shop our range of Vital Signs Monitors from brands that include Argus, Welch Allyn, Midmark, Mindray, Schiller, Burdick, Criticare, Bionet, Spacelabs, Cardiac Science, G.E. Healthcare, Goldway, 3F Medical, BCI, eVenture Medical, Infinium, Venni, Quinton, Philips. Discount Cardiology carries a whole range of monitor types, such as Patient Monitors, Multi-Parameter Vital Signs Monitors, or PC-Based vital signs monitors.  We also carry highly reliable Refurbished and Used Vital Signs and Patient monitors but only from most trusted cardiology equipment manufacturers. more>>

Call Discount Cardiology now (+1 800-507-8244) and tell us what kind or packages and parameters you need.  We have the greatest and most informed sales personnel to guide you through your variable options -- Ekg monitoring, Spo2, C02 and mixed gases, Temperature, Blood pressure, pulse rate, the ability to print and so much more! Discount Cardiology's Patient monitors are sold to Dentists, Hospitals, primary care, EMTs, Surgeons, etc. We have a full stock of ekg paper and ECG Electrodes too! 

Oh, and if you need to, contact Discount Cardiology for all of your Patient monitor and vital sign monitor REPAIRS!!

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