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For nearly 100 years, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers from across the globe have looked to Welch Allyn for products and solutions that help them help others. Learn about our company's mission, our legacy with the caregivers who use our devices each and every day, and our rich history by visiting any of the links below. At Welch Allyn we specialize in helping doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers across the globe provide the best patient care by developing innovative products, breakthrough technologies, and cutting-edge solutions that help them see more patients, detect more conditions, and improve more lives. We have been a leader in the healthcare industry since our humble start in 1915; we set medical industry standards in the 1920's, we were the first to use fiber optics in medical instruments in the 1960's, and our innovation continues in the 21st century. Advancing Frontline Care We are the only company that focuses on what we like to call the "frontline of care" - doctors' offices, hospital emergency rooms, clinics, and skilled nursing facilities - the places where 95 percent of all patients seek treatment, but where just 5 percent of resources are utilized. For nearly 100 years, Welch Allyn has built a reputation for providing the most advanced technologies and solutions available to caregivers in frontline settings. With every new product, every day, each and every one of us at Welch Allyn works to give frontline care providers the ability to assess, diagnose, treat, and manage a wide variety of illnesses and diseases, focus on more patients, perform more procedures, and provide better on-site care.

Our Core Value Be Always Kind And True We strive to live the words of W.G. Allyn in being always kind and true. We treat each other with dignity and respect and act in an honest and ethical way in all our interactions.Valued Behaviors Customer Intimacy We build customer relationships that guide our success We understand that the Welch Allyn customer is the reason that we exist as a company. We intentionally build strong collaborative relationships with our customers and share our customer knowledge with each other. By deeply understanding customer needs we more effectively provide solutions to help them be successful. Communicate to understanding We seek to thoroughly understand and be understood We engage in respectful, collaborative, timely, and complete dialogue. We clearly convey ideas and share our point of view, while maintaining openness to different perspectives. We listen to understand and respectfully question to achieve clarity of message and expectations. We openly discuss critical issues directly with the people involved, not leaving important things unsaid and delivering difficult messages with care. Urgency on the Vital We take action on what's vital We focus on execution of priorities that balance short and long term business needs.

We proactively remove barriers, solve problems and prioritize to ensure the vital work of the organization gets accomplished. Global Awareness We understand that our success depends on being global We incorporate an understanding of our global business opportunities/challenges and varied customer needs into the decisions we make and the work that we do. We partner with our colleagues, suppliers and customers around the globe, sharing and leveraging our cultural differences and knowledge, to successfully compete in global and local markets. Connected We partner with our colleagues to achieve results We build trusting relationships and collaborate with colleagues across functions, sites and regions. We actively identify those who need to be involved in a decision or project and bring them in at the appropriate time. We break down barriers, raise issues and resolve challenges together. We proactively seek and share information and best practices to increase the success of the organization. Build Our Talents We continually develop ourselves and others We value the talent and contributions of those with whom we work. We partner with our colleagues in addressing challenges and celebrating successes. We strive to grow our own knowledge, skills, and abilities and enable others to do the same by providing coaching, mentoring, new opportunities, and constructive feedback. Deliver We do what we say we are going to do We hold ourselves accountable to our responsibilities and commitments. We actively debate issues, make timely decisions and then work together to deliver results. We recognize that in a dynamic environment, our priorities may change and when they do, we proactively renegotiate commitments with stakeholders and communicate our realigned focus. We use learning from past experiences to continuously improve our ability to perform. Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG Status: Current Improve accuracy, enable immediate access to patient diagnostic information and enhance your practice’s efficiency with Welch Allyn’s PC-Based Resting ECG, part of the CardioPerfect Workstation suite. Welch Allyn can help you tailor a solution that’s perfect for your office workflow. You can now automatically transfer patient information and test data into most EHRs without redundant work steps, misidentified patients, transcription errors or delay. Clinicians spend less time documenting and more time with patients because we eliminate the need for manual data entry, copying, scanning and shredding ECG reports. View Product Detail CP 50™ Resting Electrocardiograph Status: Current NOTE: Not Available for Sale in U.S. or Canada. Get the power of a fully-featured ECG in a compact, affordable, easy-to-use package with the new CP 50 ECG. With simple, one-button operation, the CP 50 makes performing ECG tests easy for trained caregivers of all skill levels. And with advanced features like a full-color, touch-screen display, high-resolution thermal printer, and a full range of EMR connectivity options, the CP 50 gives you the options your practice needs at a price that fits your budget. To learn more about the CP 50, CALL DISCOUNT CARDIOLOGY Welch Allyn CP 200™ Electrocardiograph with Optional Spirometry Welch Allyn CP 100™ Electrocardiograph Welch Allyn PC-Based Exercise ECG Welch Allyn ABPM 6100- Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Welch Allyn PC-Based SpiroPerfect™ Spirometer Vital Signs Devices Connex® Vital Signs Monitor Status: Current The Connex VSM is an advanced, touch screen monitor featuring bright, vivid colors with minimal knobs or buttons for ease of cleaning—perfect for general care floors within the hospital and also for surgery centers and other ambulatory care offices. For hospitals, clinicians can improve workflow and patient safety by wirelessly sending patient vitals directly to the EMR from the bedside. For physician offices, save valuable time and improve patient outcomes. Learn More View Product Detail Connex® VM Status: Current Connex VM Software is the backbone that automates the vitals documentation process to eliminate manual steps and the errors that go with them. No more handwritten notes, transcription errors, misidentified patients, and delays in getting vital signs into patient records.


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