Zoll PD 1400 Defibrillator Pacemaker

Zoll PD 1400 Defibrillator Pacemaker

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Discount Cardilology sells the Zoll pd 1400 defibrillator at the lowest prices. The zoll pd 1400 is one of the most popular pre-owned defibrillators that we sell. Contact us for the lowest prices! 800-507-8244

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The PD 1400 Defibrillator Pacemaker could be operated either with ZOLL "hands-off" multi-function electrodes or with standard defibrillation paddles and pacing electrodes. The ZOLL PD 1400 was designed for ease of use, maximum flexibility, and complete compatibility with other models in the integrated ZOLL medical equipment system.

Features included:


ECG monitor.

Strip recorder.

AC power supply for stationary use.

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