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Developed to meet the infusion needs in NICU, Anesthesia and Critical Care, Baxter INFUS OR Pump delivers precise, controlled infusions.

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Baxter InfusOR Features

The Baxter InfusOR is is an infusion syringe pump that is used to administers variety of intravenous agents to a patient. With the help of a Smart Label drug system, the InfusOR syringe pump can provide accurate dosages for narcotics, muscle relaxants, and a variety of other drugs. The Smart label System offers specific drug labeling that attaches to the syringe pump. This system helps minimize the potential of medication errors in the dosages. By simply changing the specific code that is on the smart label it can change the rate and dosage depending on the individual drug.

The Baxter InfusOR is a small, lightweight syringe pump that runs off of standard D batteries. The Baxtor infusOR was designed to work with either a 20cc syringe to a 60 cc syringe and can work with both B-D and MonoJect syringes. these syringes are then connected to the patient's intravenous line.


  • supports a Smart Label System
  • Easily change and modify the dosages of medication without reprogramming
  • Can deliver a variety of drugs during anesthesia; narcotics, muscle relaxants and vasoactive and other drugs
  • Minimal risk of calculation and medication errors
  • adjustments can be make during the time of infusion
  • Easy to use and setup


Baxter InfusOR Specifications



  • Height: 9.2 In (23.8 cm)
  • Width: 4.5 In (11.3 cm)
  • Depth: 2 In (5 cm)
  • Weight: 2 lbs (1 kg)


  • Monoject or B-D 60 cc
  • Monoject or B-D 20 cc


  • Operating Voltage: 5-7 Volts
  • Operating Current: 20mA
  • Low Battery Voltage: 5.0 Volts


  • Type: Alkaline (NEDA 14A)
  • Quantity: 4 (C Size)
  • Battery Life (New): 150 Hours
  • Battery Life (At Low Battery): 4 Hours


  • Infusion: Linear Rate ±3%
  • Bolus: Linear Displacement ±3%


  • Flow Rates: 0 to 600 mL/hr, depending on the Smart Label
  • Flow Profile
    • Bolus: Continuous
    • Infusion: Pulsed Intermittently

Force and Pressure

  • Occlusion Force: 8 ± 1 lbs. (pressure)
  • Max Occlusion Pressure
    • 11 psi with 60 cc syringe
    • 20 psi with 60 cc syringe

Occlusion Detection Time

  • 120 seconds at 36 mL/hr

Volume Stored on Occlusion

  • 1.1 mL Approximate

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