Lifepak CR2 AED
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Lifepak CR2 AED

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Lifepak CR2 Fully Automatic AED that is simple to own and operate

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 Lifepak CR2 AED Defibrillator

What's included in the Package:
  • LIFEPAK CR2 ( 8-year warranty)
  • Long Life lithium battery
  • Adult/Child electrode pads
  • Detailed user's instruction manual
  • FREE: Training DVD
  • FREE: Medical Prescription (if required)
  • FREE: Reminders to ensure you get your AED battery & pad replacements in time

LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator with LIFELINK central AED program manager: This complete and connected AED response system is expertly designed for user confidence. The CR2 is easy to use and the only AED that allows CPR compressions during heart rhythm analysis. LIFELINKcentral™ AED program manager monitors each AED every single day, sending alerts via cellular network or Wi-Fi® about anything that may affect a unit’s readiness—all automatically.

A new approach to public access defibrillation

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone—anywhere, anytime. Immediate treatment is vital. A victim’s chance of survival dramatically decreases for every minute without treatment. That’s why public access defibrillators are so important. They put lifesaving technology where it can do the most good so when an emergency happens, you should have nothing less than the best.

Self-monitoring means you’re emergency ready

AEDs are effective only if they are close at hand and ready to work. Whether you have one AED, or 100 spread across the globe, now you can track the readiness status of each one. Ongoing system maintenance has been time-consuming and error-prone—until now.

Continuous CPR increases survival rates

Every SCA response requires CPR. Every single one. Previously, CPR had to be interrupted for heart rhythm analysis, and older, competitive technologies require rescuers to pause for 10 seconds or more. Unfortunately, interrupting CPR adversely affects survival rates and the 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines recommend minimizing pauses to increase the chance of a successful outcome.

Designed for user confidence

For a minimally trained responder, intervening in an unfolding emergency can be intimidating. Responders need the easiest possible AED to instill confidence. 
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