Midmark 4-000-0062 IQecg Digital ECG with Lead Management

Midmark 4-000-0062 IQecg Digital ECG with Lead Management

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Midmark 4-000-0062 IQecg Digital ECG

with Lead Management


Overview for Midmark 4-000-0062 IQecg® Digital ECG with Lead Management

Midmark IQecg® Digital ECG with Lead Management is a comprehensive device that incorporates a great number of smart features to help make your job easier, faster and more efficient as a result. It is designed to aim the workflows of various healthcare facilities helping to arrange, update and review the EMR fast, easy and with a great precision.

Advanced Features 
IQecg® is designed as a lightweight, portable device to allow easy transportation to where the patient is. This way IQecg® is ideal for medical facilities of all sizes, from small to truly large ones. For improved use comfort, Midmark Digital ECG features a convenient hang loop that is integrated into a top section of the unit. It provides a great storage solution since the IQecg® can conveniently hang while not in use and be easily accessible when required. Another smart feature of IQecg® that addresses the problem of wire tangling is a patient lead separator. It completely eliminates the need of untangling the wires, saving your valuable time and allowing to get straight to the testing procedure. As for the newly improved patient cable clip, it really makes the difference ensuring a much more robust connection reducing the restriction of device moving and repositioning. IQecg® weights as little as 9.3 oz, measures 3.5" in width, 5.7" in length and 1.2" in height and features USB power port.

Lead Management

IQecg® Lead Management is exactly the kind of the system you needed as it makes the technology work for you. It presents a perfect bled of advanced features and clear, simple, and convenient interface. On one hand, this Management Systems has kept a traditional review workflow proving a large-screen report review that is similar by size to a regular ECG printout. On the other, it offers new screen layouts and color scheme, electronic calipers, on-screen side-by-side comparison and convenient editing tools at your disposal.

Smart Functions 
Electronic calipers have proven themselves to be very efficient as they are easy, fast and truly precise in use. With only one click of a mouse a physician is now able to measure any waveforms in the review screen. 10-seconds full disclosure screen facilitates the review of all 12 leads simultaneously. For more precise cardiac assessments, the Lead Management allows you to compare the current ECG side-by-side with any previous ECG of the same patient. With instant capture function you will not miss any abnormal effect if one occurs and the arm lead alert will let you know if the arm lead adjustment needed. With long rhythm strip screen function you can select and review up to 6 minutes rhythm record of any of the three leads. In addition, before saving the record, you can review the test results to make sure you are satisfied with its quality while your patient still has the leads attached.

Enhanced Workflow & Limitless Data Access 
IQecg® Lead Management helps creating a truly organized data record process, eliminating the mistakes of manual data entry and reducing the time spent on it. More so, with IQecg® you can retrieve and review patient’s data from anywhere and proceed diagnosing the patient.

IQecg® Digital ECG

Midmark IQecg® helps facilitate 12 lead ECG testing. A convenient patient cable provides patient isolation and features RFI filter and defibrillator protection. It is assembled with a locking clip for placement convenience. IQecg® ensures the precision of the ECG acquisition with the help of AC, drift and muscle filters.



Display Type

On screen



Frequency Range

0.05-150 Hz-3,dB

Sampling Rate

500 samples/sec










Power Supply

Power Supply Type

USB port




3.5" W x 5.7" L x 1.2" H


9.3 oz



PC Compatible?




EMR Compatible?





1 year


Country of Origin

Made In:



Software Specification

Print formats

Windows Compatible Inkjet or Laser Printer

Lead sensitivity

5, 10, 20 mm/mV


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