Norav NR-1207-3 Holter Recorder
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Norav NR-1207-3 Holter Recorder

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Norav NR-1207-3 Holter Recorder

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Holter ECG Acquisition

Complete ambulatory recording up to 14 days, in an advanced and compact device.


12/7/5 or 3 Leads

High Resolution ECG Processing

Up to 336 hr (14 Days) Recording

Small, Lightweight and Water Resistant


Wireless Holter Recorder

Bluetooth Interface

USB Interface

Pacemaker Analysis

Respiration Trends

Patient Physical Activity Monitoring

Audible Diary Recording

Holter ECG Software

Intuitive Best-in-Class Editing Tools

24 hr - 336 hr Recording

QT and Long QT Analysis

Heart Rate Variability Analysis

HL7 Interface

Remote Analysis / Uploader



Recorder Features





3 Channels (3 Lead Wires)

3 Channels (5 Lead Wires)

3 Channels (7 Lead Wires)

12 Channels (10 Lead Wires)


ECG A2D Bits: Acquisition 24b/ Storage 12b

USB 2.0 Data Transfer

Flashcard Reader

Pacemaker Analysis and Detection

Respiration (Thorax Impedance Variations)


Patient Physical Activity Monitoring


Voice Note (Audible Diary)


Bluetooth Wireless Transmission


ECG + Holter Recording Online Wireless Transmission


Operating Time

48 h

336* h

336* h / 168** h

336* h/ 168** h

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