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ZOLL AED 3 Include:

  • ZOLL AED 3 (8 year warranty)
  • Carry Case
  • CPR Uni-Padz III
  • Lithium battery
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Free Premium First Response kit (CM-375)
  • CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker (CM-37)
  • Free CalMed Inspection tag (CM-48)
  • FREE Physician’s Prescription
  • Training video tutorial link
  • Free expert consultation
  • Free UPS ground shipping

Zoll AED 3:

The ZOLL AED 3 provides the support rescuers need to nearly triple survival.1 It provides the feedback both professionals and lay rescuers need to perform optimal CPR.

It features:

To aid rescuers in delivering optimal compressions and improving the likelihood of survival to reduce the length of interruptions by removing compression artifact. A three-lead cable for basic monitoring using ECG electrodes. Unique extended USB storage that allows immediate data transfer without leaving the scene

CPR Uni-Padz III:

While the majority of AED pads come with one set of electrodes on two pads that must quickly be placed on the Sternum and Apex of a SCA victim, Zoll knew there must be an easier way. In order to help eliminate confusion and speed up the rescue process, the CPR-Uni padz were invented. A rescuer need only open up the padz package and place the pre-connected electrode directly in the center of the cardiac arrest victim’s chest. No confusion, no mistakes.This unique one-piece pad incorporates a pressure sensor, known as a “puck,” which allows the rescuer to know in real-time the effectiveness of his CPR compressions and modify his technique accordingly. Compression depth is shown on the Zoll AED 3 LCD screen. The AED Plus also responds with voice prompts that gives the rescuer immediate feedback such as “Good Compressions” or “Push Harder.” This advanced technology is enormously significant since most lay people do not compress to the AHA’s recommended depth of 2“.Additionally, the CPR-Uni Padz don’t just have advanced features, they are also easily maintained. With a shelf-life expiration date and battery expiration date of five (5) years, an attached rescue kit—which includes barrier mask, gloves, razor, scissors, and both a wet and dry wipe, these pads make AED ownership a breeze.

Lithium Battery:

The Zoll AED 3 takes Duracell Type 123 Lithium Batteries which are packaged in a set of ten (10) batteries. The Duracell batteries have a five (5) year expiration date while the device is in stand-by mode and a shelf life of ten (10) years. The AED Plus uses redundant circuitry, so if one set of five (5) batteries fails, the other five (5) are there for backup.
*The batteries need to be replaced after the AED has been used in a cardiac event.


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